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2006         UC Riverside (Biochemistry), PhD

2006-11   UC San Diego (Chem&Biochem) 

Postdoctoral Fellow

2011         Tunghai University (Chemistry)

                  Associate Professor



Google citation hits 800.


Cytochrome c interacts with tRNA shown by HD exchange: BBA protein


Chemotherapy drugs induce CL accumulation. PLOS One


Cdc42 activation mechanism insights published. BBA proteins & proteomics.


PUFA incorporation into CL in Mitochondria.

J of Nut. Biochem.


Nutrition deficiency induces CL shift in mitochondria. PLOS ONE.


Insights about iPLA2 and membrane interactions, published in PLoS Comp. Biol.


Cardiolipin hydrolysis by PLA2s analyzed by mass spectrometry, published in PLoS One


New lab benches are in.


Paper accepted in JACS to decipher the interactions between iPLA2 and its inhibitor.


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Receive 2 years funding from

National Science Council (NSC).


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